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Finding Inspiration – Twitter, blogs, conferences (without attendance fees!)

Written by Sam Bishop | May 27th, 2009 | Business, Tech | Comments

Finding InspirationAs always this post is long overdue but it would be quite relevant to a lot of people out there in need of inspiration in this tough time.  I have been fortunate enough to attend a few conferences and listen to a LOT of great speakers.   From designers to developers and freelancers to entrepreneurs I have picked up a wealth of knowledge just listening to them speak for an hour or so.

A couple weeks ago Gary Vaynerchuk (Host of Wine Library TV and super inspirational young speaker, @garyvee on Twitter) posted a link to his talk at the Big Omaha conference on his Twitter stream.  It was about an hour and the majority of it Q&A but after listening to it during my lunch break I felt refreshed and that I could take on any project and was itching to get back to work.  This is not the first great talk from a conference that I have seen on a Twitter stream.  I also follow Tim Ferriss (author or 4 Hour Work Week, @tferriss) and he always posts his talks at his conferences.  With my work/soccer schedule I can only get to so many conferences but by following certain people on Twitter and certain blogs you can get a lot of the footage from them.  No you will not get every keynote and lecture but you will still find some amazing content.

I would highly advise you all subscribe to Twitter and start following some industry leaders out there if for nothing more than pure inspiration.   I am sure that we have all been there in jobs, whether it’s corporate or entrepreneurial, where you hit that wall and can’t find any creative juice or drive left in you.  Go out there and find a talk or TV spot with Gary or Tim and within a few minutes you will find yourself recharged and ready to take on whatever is in front of you.  There are tons of other people out there to follow but I find great information from these guys in every blog post or talk.

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