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The Intangibles of a Web Designer

Written by Sam Bishop | December 21st, 2011 | Business, Clients, Tech | Comments

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Sometimes it is the things that come along with hiring a web designer, outside of the actual web design, that end up helping clients the most.  Since I started CWS 5 years ago we have learned a few tricks that have saved us time and money.  This could be anything from a couple of hours of time to  hundreds of dollars a month.  These little tips have been passed to our clients and their businesses.

Aviary Phoenix logoPhotoshop Alternatives One simple example was providing a few alternatives to Photoshop for a client.  The client was under the impression that they needed Photoshop to resize and crop images to use in their CMS.  After pointing them along to Picnik, Aviary, and Gimp (if they wanted a stand-alone application), they were able to save a quick few hundred dollars.  This was not the first, nor the last, free service that we found to replace a powerful paid application.  Now a company like CWS could never replace Photoshop but for this particular client, these services could do everything they needed and more.

CWS Blog QR codeQR Code LibrariesAnother more recent example was clients looking to purchase a service that generates QR codes.  Again the clients did not realize that this was an unnecessary expense thanks to the libraries that are out there to generate these.  After a bit of Googling for the proper terms, I was able to find a few different libraries based the server technologies.  Sometimes we forget that Google is a powerful tool and, before throwing money at the problem, sometimes a good Googling can provide us with a myriad of solutions.

Spending on tech…

Before you go ahead and purchase that latest piece of hardware/software or decide on a web service, why not ask your web designer to see if they have any input.  

You could end up saving yourself a lot of time and money.  These are only a couple of examples but you can see the immediately savings.  Because of our thirst for knowledge we are constantly finding ways to save money, increase efficiency & productivity, and if we can’t find an answer, sometimes we even create our own  solutions  (see LeadSHIFT or ask about our ticketing system in development now).

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