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Why You Need a Personal Email Address

Written by Sam Bishop | April 8th, 2012 | Business, Clients | Comments

So this isn’t a directly relevant web design post by any means but more of a general web education post.  Too often I see communications with  friends that are not business related but come from business accounts because they do not have personal email accounts.  I’m also seeing a ton of or or  I understand that if there is business involved that it should come from a business account but what about for the communication outside of work?

There are some things that people seem to overlook.

  • What happens if you leave the business (or change ISPs)?  How does someone email you?  
  • What if your current employer catches you emailing other companies looking to change jobs?
  • If you are in a people business, how do you keep your contacts if you need them at a new place of work?

It’s not difficult to go and set up a Gmail account if strictly just for communication with friends and family.  I can think of countless times in my younger years that certain emails did not make it through to friends because they were flagged by their employers by using a harmless swear that you would hear on television after 10pm anyway.  It also keeps your information away from the prying eyes that may or may not be watching at your company.

If you are really savvy you can set up Gmail to work WITH your current email accounts as well.  This is a great way to save contacts, sync calendars, and keep contact information for both friends/family and work associates.  This way if you end up leaving your company (or ISP) you can still have all of your data and not crawl back to your IT department and beg them for your data.


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