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LeadSHIFT Launches – Simple Lead & Referral Tracking

Written by Sam Bishop | June 4th, 2011 | Business, Products, Web Development | Comments

LeadSHIFT launches! - logo

After seeing an article on Freelance Switch, Prospect to Client Tracking Spreadsheet, I figured rather than using just a document, why not build a simple web app to solve the same problem?  The article/document was the sole inspiration for LeadSHIFT.

I loved the idea of tracking the time from initial contact to signing a contract.  I also wanted to track things like which types of contact (email, face-to-face, phone, etc) and which types of project types (web design, app dev, consulting, etc) had the highest conversion rates.  If you know that you convert 75% of leads on the phone vs 45% with email why would you not get the lead on the phone?

Another great piece of trackable information would be referrals.  I thought wouldn’t it be great to see which contact referrals generated the most revenue or had the highest conversion rates.  Then when the time …


Take Advantage of Free Services

Written by Sam Bishop | October 3rd, 2010 | Business, Tech | Comments

This post is about how you can save yourself (or your company) money by using free services.  When you think about the cost of all the services/software you currently pay for and the free alternatives you can easily save hundreds of dollars a year.


Gmail happens to be my personal email account of choice.  By using filters to automatically tag emails from certain people or to auto-star emails from clients, it provides a ton of flexibility if you are willing to learn its basics.  They provide more space than you would probably ever need and they don’t have a pesky attachment maximum size of a couple megabytes.  Savings = $60.00+


Google Calendar is a great full featured FREE calendar that can sync to just about any phone wirelessly (so if you make an appointment on the road, it’s automatically in your calendar when you get home).  Not only …


LeadSHIFT – A simple lead tracking & conversion tool

Written by Sam Bishop | September 23rd, 2010 | Business, Products | Comments

I am proud to announce our latest product, LeadSHIFT. LeadSHIFT was born out of necessity for Connected Web Solutions.  I always thought a CRM would be a good idea but we really didn’t need another place to track communications and contact details.  I tried a few CRM’s but I quickly realized that a CRM was not the right tool.

I wanted to track a handful of things (some of which were in CRMs and some were not).

  1. Leads (Open, Won, and Lost)
  2. Referral Sources
  3. Project Types (web design, app development, hosting, etc)
  4. Contact Types (phone, contact form submission, email, etc)

By using these 4 types of information, I could figure out

  • Conversion rate of new leads
  • Average number of days to convert a lead to a client
  • Best referral sources (based on # of leads converted)
  • Highest income generating referral source
  • Most common projects
  • Which types of


Asking Clients Why

Written by Sam Bishop | August 9th, 2010 | Business, Web Design | Comments

As an established web design agency, we are the individuals that design and build websites for a living.  We are the ones that are constantly reading up on usability and user experience and how best to increase conversions.  We are the ones with an understanding of solid design principles and color theory.  All too often, I get the feeling that clients forget that they  hired us to help them construct sites to help them succeed and meet their site goals.  It’s our job as the designers to nip this in the butt early.

Educate the client
Be sure from the beginning of the project that the client understands what you can do to help them.  Before showing them anything (even a wireframe) make sure they know that any feedback and criticism should be identified as a problem.  By identifying the problem, you can then provide them solutions that will be …