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Web Design, Freelance, Entrepreneur, Business, Tech Skills & News While Driving?

Written by Sam Bishop | August 8th, 2008 | Business, Podcasts, Tech, Web Design | 1 Comment »

CWS has clients spread throughout the northeast. A certain one of these clients is about 100 miles away. We provide them with office hours twice a week which ends up being about 6 hours of driving weekly…without traffic. Regardless of how much music is on your iPod you can only sing Britney Spears hits for so long.

Here is where podcasting has completely changed my life and my business. I have found a podcast for almost every facet of my life and business. So if you find yourself stuck in a boring commute, download some of these podcasts. From current web design news to reviews of the latest indy movies and upcoming videogame releases…you can find what you want from one of these.

Boag World

THE BEST WEB DESIGN PODCAST! I wish I found this before I started my company. Hosts, Paul Boag & Marcus Lillington, have a vast knowledge …