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Our New Status Board

Written by Sam Bishop | April 11th, 2010 | Business, Tech, Web Design | 2 Comments »

CWS Status BoardAfter seeing Panic’s status board, I couldn’t help myself.  This was such a fantastic idea that I had to create one for CWS headquarters.  I knew that we probably wouldn’t have enough data to do anything nearly as informative as Panic’s but I still had a handful of things that would make my life a ton easier to see on 1 window.  This resides on a 24″ Acer LCD above my dual monitor setup.

Using the amazing project management platform, 5PM, I was able to pull all sorts of information necessary to create our project management status board pieces.  I love seeing when my people add a new progress note or if the “Other CWS Tasks” list gets cut in half.  I know stuff is being accomplished.

CWS Status Board Items

  • Tasks assigned to me (via 5PM)
  • Tasks assigned to others (via 5pm)
  • Progress bars for tasks (via 5pm)
  • Events in the next 7 days (via Google Calendar)
  • Current time since we don’t have a clock (PHP)
  • Current weather and tomorrow’s forecast (Yahoo Weather)
  • RSS feeds for Digg, Lifehacker,  Smashing Mag, and Web Designer Depot (probably counter-productive)

Every container is automatically refreshed via AJAX so there is never a reason to manually refresh the page.  Every 30 minutes or so it will do an automatic full page refresh because Yahoo Weather doesn’t like the AJAX request for some reason but, again, no manual page refresh is required.

Why have a status board at all?

Think about how many windows or tabs you have open when you are working.  Think about the time it takes to navigate from 1 to the other and check what might be happening.  Imagine if you could always have a screenshot of the most important things going on regarding your company.  Rather than checking all your tabs, you just glance at your status board and see everyone all in 1 place.

Now if I can find a way to easily import Quickbooks data into this, this will be a super status board!  Any ideas on things to add?  How would you set up your status board?

2 Responses to “Our New Status Board”

  1. Sators - October 25th, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    Nice work! Here’s a version I built after being inspired by Panic Room:

  2. Joe - November 9th, 2010 at 8:23 pm

    Sweet. In case you’re interested, Atlassian is running a contest to find the best wallboards and status boards. We encourage you to enter this status board for a chance to win prizes and more importantly bragging rights. :)

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