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Simple Google Website Optimizer Case Study with CWS

Written by Sam Bishop | January 28th, 2010 | Web Design | 2 Comments »

So after reading a few articles on Google’s Website Optimizer tool I thought I would do a little test with the CWS site.  Basically the website optimizer allows users to run A/B or multi-variant tests.  I won’t go into A/B (split) testing or multi-variant tests but I thought I would try 3 variations on text in a call-to-action button to see which one generated the most click-throughs.

The set up process took about 30 minutes to create the new buttons, pages, and inserting the necessary javascript code.  You install 1 piece of javascript in the original  and then another piece in the variations.  The 3 variations are below.


And now the results after letting it run for a few weeks.


As you can see the 2 variations have both outperformed the original at this time.  This simple test shows how useful this free service can be.  It will prove invaluable when testing call-to-action buttons, text, placement, forms, and just about anything else you can test.

This won’t be for everybody but for those that understand it, it can be another powerful weapon to greatly improve click-throughs and conversions.

I will probably let the test run a few more weeks to allow for 100 visitors on each variant to get a more accurate result.  Google recommends 100 visitors for each variant to reach an accurate conclusion.

Has anyone else had success with this tool or do they have any others to recommend?

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